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For Your Satisfaction

As a connoisseur of great tasting oriental food and with 14 years experience in the oriental restaurant business, I, Margaret Shen, the owner of SAKE HOUSE encourage you to answer the following questions if you are not sure what you want to order from the menu, I can find the right order for you or figure out your personal dishes according to your personal tastes and your preferred food material. This will help to ensure your satisfaction with your meal and have the feeling that you have your own personal chef right here. Thank you for your participation.

1. Do you like raw food or cooked food? All kitchen entrees (except steak and tuna) and all order items marked with a * in the menu are not raw.

2. What kind of seafood do you like? Fish - such as tuna, salmon, escolar, albacore, tuna...etc. Shell fish - such as lobster, sweet shrimp, scallop, clam...etc.

3. WHat kind of SUSHI style do you like? There are 3 kinds:

  • Sushi - a sliced fish over a rice ball.

  • Sashimi - sliced fish over decorative carrots and green veggie without rice

  • Roll - pave the sushi rice on a sheet of seaweed paper or rice paper or soy paper and roll it with stuff. Usually cut in 8 pieces per order. Some rolls are cut in 5 or 6 pieces per order. Roll is very popular sushi style.

4. What kind of flavor do you like? Sweet? Spicy? Sour? Salty? Rich? Clear?

5. Do you mind a fishy smell? Some seafood is very fishy, such as mackerel (saba), salmon roe (ikura), yellow tail (hamachi). If you are particular about a certain sort of smell, avoid ordering any of those dishes. I don't want you to waster money and have a bad experience.


Below are very popular dishes that many of my customers prefer. Once they order it the first time, they tend to order them again every time they visit.

  • Dumpling soup (clear, good smell)

  • Squid with black pepper and salt (crunchy, good flavor, good smell)

  • Tataki (very thinly sliced raw fish or steak, clean, sour, good smell)

  • Special rolls (such as Kamakazi Roll, Dancing Eel Roll, Cherry Blossom Roll, Volcano Roll, etc.)

  • Fried rice (smell it and taste it before adding any soy sauce, we prepare and serve with good tasting sauces in it already)

  • Singapore rice noodle (light curry flavor, good smell)


We work hard to prepare and serve your food with the perfect amount and combination of sauces that bring out the best flavor in your food. We recommend that you try tasting the food as it is prepared before adding any sauces to it...except the plain sushi, it is common to add wasabi and soy sauce to sushi when you eat it.




Margaret - the owner.